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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A thought;

Today I had a thought, a memory came back to me. As I was wishing my dad goodbye as he left on the plane to California. And I thought to myself... I'll miss him. I really will. Then on the drive home as I passed the park this memory came to me. We live fairly close to Richardson Park, and in the summer we'd always take trips down to the park, my mom and I would pick apples. But when I went with my dad we'd swing.

So I would sit in his lap. And we would swing so high. High above so that I could almost touch the tree brach that grew infront of the swingset. I felt like I could touch the clouds. Secure and safe we'd go higher and higher. The wind would kiss my face, and blow through my hair. Looking up through the trees straight to the sky as we'd bend back together. But you can only go so high on a swing, and as we'd slow down coming back to the ground touching our feet to the gravel.

What I wouldn't give to be a kid for just a little while..

Still so much like life in a way that no matter how high we get in life we always have to come back down to the ground, to reality, and see things at a normal level while still looking up.

Miss you dad. ♥
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