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Friday, May 28, 2010


It speaks to me.

She has no problem with secrets
She knows how to keep them
She never felt the need to let them show
And I've had no trouble with speaking
Or trusting my instincts
That maybe this is one that I should know
But as I'm waiting there
The devil on my shoulder stares
Laughing that the one thing I can't get
Is what I need

She, She is the words that I can't find
How can the only thing that's killing me make me feel so alive
And I couldn't speak
I couldn't breathe to save my life
All of my chances swim like sinking ships
This time it's it
I'll drown or make her mine.

Birthday. ♥

I'm happy to be twenty. It's really nice to finally be out of my "teens". Haha. :) I'm really excited to see what this year has to bring. :) I really like to think about the future and what it has to offer me. I feel like so many great things are going to happen. :) I love where my life is right now and the direction it's in. It makes me happy.

When I blew out my candle on my cupcake, I honestly didn't even think about making a wish. I always make wishes. I didn't exactly know what to wish for. Then when my birthday really did come. I thought about a couple things and I finally choose my birthday wish. :) I like wishing, it's actually one of my favorite things to do.I think it's because I know that what I'm wishing for could really come true, and it's a possibility in my life. ♥

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


It was such a wonderful escape from here. I just loved getting away, and going on an adventure to somewhere I havn't been in a while, or just new places in general. The sunshine was my favorite. I love the sun, and oh how I missed it. The rain here in Oregon is just so depressing at times, it was so nice to get away from it. It made me so happy to just relax in the sand, and float in the water, letting all my cares fly out the window. I had so many great experiences. I love my family and seeing them was one of my greatest birthday presents, besides being in Maui again.

As I was lying in the water, listening to the ocean.
I felt at peace. Lying in the sun basking away, in the heat. It was so nice to just cool down and float away for a bit. I fell in love. I wish summer here would come sooner, I miss the sun already, and now that I'm home I can barely tolerate the pouring rain. It's just killing me.

Where are you summer?
Will you come soon?

Friday, May 14, 2010


Yayyy! I'm goin on vacation, I'm goin on vacation.
:) I'm so excited right now it's a little ridiculous.
I mean I've only gotten like one hour of sleep but
still, it's okay I'll just sleep on the plane hehe.
I'm sitting in the airport right now, and let me
tell you, it's a tad bit boring. I'm happy my
mom is here with me. :)

We had breakfest at a little place in the
Portland airport called Roses. I really
didn't care where we ate I was just hungry.
I was totally please with the food. But the
best part was that it's my middle name and
favorite flower, just plain cute. ♥

I'm just so excited, eeek! It's going
to be a blasst. I love adventures.

Sun sun sun!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Only as high as I reach can I grow,

Only as far as I seek can I go,
Only as deep as I look can I see,

Only as much as I dream can I be.

Monday, May 10, 2010


Man Candy
I think so!


I'll take you, you, you, you, AND especially you.
hehe. ;)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Dear mom,

Your the best, and I love how you've been there for me every minute of my life from the very start of it all. Thank you for bringing me into this beautiful world, and letting me be apart of your life. I wouldn't have it any other way. You are beautiful inside and out, and one of the most caring people on this planet. I know we've had our ups and downs, but we'll always have eachother. I'm greatful to call you my mother and more than happy to be your daughter. ♥

I love you.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

I'm ready;

I'm ready to fly above the clouds.
I'm ready to soar.
I'm ready for an adventure.
I'm ready for something new.
I'm ready to let love in.
I'm ready for you.

But, I'm so scared.
My heart is telling me yes,
but my head is telling me no.

I wish I had some sign to tell me which direction I should go, there are so many choices in life. But I just can't decide if I want to follow my heart in this matter or my head. I feel like I should go with what my head is telling me, but my heart just takes up so much of me. I guess you could say I'm a risk taker, you know living life on the edge. ;) That sorta thing. I think I'll let it run it's course, who knows where this may lead. You only live once.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I don't think I've ever been more close to girls in my life than this point right now. I mean normally I don't get along with any, except my best friend. But right now it's just freaking awesome. I love our little group it's absolutely fantastic. Along with my other few girlys. :) I just love having girls nights and going out to dinner, and being the center of attention anywhere we go. Because were all absolutley adorable, and beautiful in every single way ever imagined. I love you all ♥ You've just completed me more than ever in a time in my life where it's been a little rough. But it's getting better. I felt my road in life was going down hill really, and then I had the most wonderful people step into my life, and I'm so entirely greatful. So now my little road is flat, and going up steadily. It's not rocky anymore either ;) I think I'll just travel on down it for a while. ♥


Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Run as fast as you can.
Into the day light,
run into the moon light.
Run as fast as your legs
may carry you.

Just run.

Run your troubles away.
Run your cares away.
Run your thoughts from
your head.

Just run.

Free yourself to run as
far as you can see.
Keep running.
Keep running.

Just run.

And once you've reached
your destination.

Slow down and Stop,

Just Breath

By: Me.


I just think this is the cutest thing, I'm sure one day I'll find that one person. The day that my heart connects with someone elses. It's going to be a while, I know this. Everything takes time in life. But it makes you look forward to the future, to what's possible. Everything in life is just endless. There are so many opportunites everywhere you look. It's something that I'm very greatful for. I love having opportunites, different roads to take in life. If I didn't have any, and was just traveling on one road, a road that's always traveled. Where would it take me? Wouldn't you want to take risks and discover your own way, on your own path.

I know I would. ♥

Tonight you should,

and then you should make a,

I wonder if it's really true, when your fast asleep and then people appear in your dreams does it mean they want to see you?
Life's Little Adventures