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Thursday, May 12, 2011

So lately;;

Actually as of today, I'm tired of people.
I mean I'm glad to have some people in my life.
But so many other people disgust me. It's a little
ridiculous. I don't understand how in the world they've
gotten that way at all. Or how the world has changed so much.
I think it's just a persons upbrining. That's why they are the
way they are. I mean some people can just be so kind, but
others.. I don't even understand.

Ugh so sick and tired of some people.
I wish you could just go up to that person and be like:

"Hey do you mind listening to yourself for one second,
just one second"

because right now, yes right now listen to yourself.
You sound ridiculous. Just thought you should know..
If only, if only.

So please be kind.
Realize what your doing, actually take a look at yourself.
(not in the mirror)

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* The17 YearOldNaive * said...

This is exactly how I feel right now..haha life is so stressing

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