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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

An awesome adventure!

So not this last weekend, but the weekend before I went to Bend, OR. I actually had plans to go to Portland and then to Seattle for that weekend, but a friend had car troubles and needed to stay a bit more local and save money. So we traveled to Bend stayed with a friend and went on a huge adventure. It was so so so much fun. :)

We ended up hiking near Broken Top in bend and we hiked up pretty far! We crossed the river down lower when it was easier to cross, and oh my gosh the water was so freaking cold! It was crazzzy, and then I found the cutest froggy! hehe. So after we crossed we hiked on an older trail that disappeared at times, but we just followed the river up, and up, annnnnd upppp... haha.

We actually got pretty close to broken top and if we would've brought camping/backpacking gear I totally would've spent the night up there. It was gorgeous. We ran into some guys up there who had these craaazzzy loud, huge dogs. And one of them in particular wanted to eat me for sure. He was so big. He kept barking at us. So scary, then we talked to the guy for a bit and he gave us mosquito repellent and that was quite nice considering we were getting eaten alive! So we finally made our way back down ran into another group, one guy in particular was eyeballing one of my guy friends..haha. so funny. and then we finally crossed back over the river and hiked our way back to the parking lot. :)

Ending with some group picture taking anddd my own little photography stuff. I'll post when I get the CD back! Considering I use a 35mm. :) It's love. Anyways. All and all a pretty awesome trip with friends.

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