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Thursday, February 3, 2011


For those of you who don't know I take a snowboarding class every thursday. It's through the college. And it's freaking awesome. I love it. Today was awesome. It was sunny, could've used a little powder. But ahhh I had so much fun. I went through the park on the box, over jumps, through the mini pipe, and carved through the super half pipe. It was so so so much fun. tehe. I hope everyone had a good thursday!

Because I diddd! By the way TGIF!
Now were on to friday!

I seriously cannot wait to see what this weekend has in store for me.
It'll most likely be:

-Freaking out that it's friday.
-Working friday..(lame) oh and saturday.
-Having sunday off! Superbowl!
-Hanging with friends!
-A trashy/classy birthday party (yes i will be dressing trashy) FOR ONCE. hah.
-Being happy.
-Oh and smiling a ton too. :)

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