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Thursday, September 9, 2010


She took the words right out of my mouth.
from the blog of:

This Girl!

"So I have been meaning to write this entry for a long time now; I just never found the motivation or time to actually care. But I do want to make some kind of marker in my history so here it is.

I am so sick of all these guys coming up to me and making all of these false promises of wanting something more with me and what not. Be serious. Actions speak louder than words losers.

I can't tell you just how many guys I have encountered this summer who have all been, hmm shall we be slightly vulgar? who have all been trying to seriously "holler" at me. They have all been saying sweet nothings of hopes and promises to me and wanting to "do things right" and blah blah fucking blah. They know there's not even a maybe chance of getting anything from me; yet, (I guess to commend their courage and bravado) they get up the nerve to approach me and lay it all down.

And really, nothing ever comes from words until proper action is taken in order to secure the progress of execution and success. I love words, given that I majored in one of my passions. But these words, there is a difference. I know there is a difference between truth and pure bullshit.

You say you've thought about this for years, yes I am talking to several of you, but yet when push comes to shove, you can't man up to actually do anything about it to make me believe you. You get butthurt that I stopped speaking to you. Hello? I'm not about to put my life aside just to try to get to you.

Stop trying to fill me up with your trials of righteousness and self worth of you trying to be something more to me than what really is.
I told you, I play for keeps; that's if I play. You wonder why I'm so hard to get to, this is why. You wonder why I don't ever give an inch until time has been spent and contemplated or worth has been proven. This is why.

And to those who have tried to follow through: Stop fucking calling or texting me, obviously if I haven't picked up in months, that means I am not interested. Sorry and thank you.

On a side note***
Isn't it strange that the one you want never seems to work out while you get thrown a whole bunch of trite selections? I don't know, maybe I am too picky. I've been told that constantly time and time again haha. No, actually I am too picky. But why shouldn't I be? Why settle? I am a person with high expectations and standards. I don't think that they should be lowered to allow more assholes into the spectrum of my world."


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