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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Hey you, yeah you!

I never realized how many fake people there are.
It's a little ridiculous.

I don't understand
why people try to be fake or are fake.

Be you,
Find you,
Be happy with that.

I mean you are your own person at least
take initiative for thing's you've
done or accomplished in life.

Because if you are who you are
people will love you for you. Why would anyone want
to be friends with someone who is fake.
I mean I sure the heck wouldn't want to be.

If your yourself, and are very honest about who you are, and people
like you that's fine. And guess what, if they don't it's their loss.
But just be true to yourself.

If your not true to yourself, who's going to be true to you?
If your not honest with yourself, who's going to be honest with you?

1. Be yourself, truthfully
2. Accept yourself, gratefully
3. Value yourself, joyfully
4. Forgive yourself, completely
5. Treat yourself, generously
6. Balence yourself, harmounously
7. Bless yourself, abundently
8. Trust yourself, confidently
9. Love yourself, wholeheartedly
10. Empower yourself, immidetly
11. Give yourself, enthusiactically
12. Express yourself, radiently

1st aid for the soul.

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