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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Portland ♥

Oh how I love going to Portland and shooting with one of my favorite photographers in the world. :)
We create such wonderful stuff.
Eeeek! Sooo I'm meeting with an agency tomorrow.
I'm a tad bit excited, and while I'm in portland I
really really really want to go shopping. Like real bad.
It's a tad bit ridiculous.
I mean I am in Portland why shouldn't I do a little shopping.
It wouldn't hurt. Hahaha. Oh lordy.

You can see some of Jeff's work here! :)

On to another note!

School is going to be starting! And we all know what that means!
Christina is going to be super dooooper busy, not really excited.
But I don't really feeeel like studying and everything else that
comes along with going to school. Ugh and I'll be working weekends
which means my whole entire schedule is going to be sooo busy..

I'm not even going to worry, I know I'll be responsible. And get
everything done ahead of time. Haha NOT. I'm such a procrastinator.
Oh lordy. But I'm sure I'll be fine. I'm excited to start dancing
again I really did miss it alot. And I'm super excited to meet new
people, it's my favorite. And and andddd I'm even more excited about
winter coming. I miss snowboarding so much. ♥ I hope I go alot this year
I plan on it. I just hope I can make time for it.

Hmm, good night.
Listen to this if you want to fall asleep:

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