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Sunday, October 24, 2010


I just wish there was such thing as a happily ever after..
Oh how I wish and wish.. It would be so nice.
I wish things worked out for the best.
People go through such tough times and sometimes
they just get tougher. and that sucks. Why can't
things just get easier sometimes. WHY? Does it always
have to be rough, and tough. Like the groud. Haha.
I don't like the groud much. I doubt you do either,
unless maybe your tired and sitting on it. Sorry,
got a little carried away. I like daydreaming.
Sometimes I'll go for a walk, or a run. Just to
think, get exercise, and to enjoy whatever weather
is beaming down on me. Latley I haven't done that.
Lately it's been just car rides, with music in my ears
thinking as I drive. Sometimes it's nice to have your
own quiet time. But sometimes it's nice to have someone
to share the silence with you. I miss talking to you.
But here I am, in my super busy life, that sort of resembles
a bumble bee. Always busteling around, school, work, modeling,
friends, home life..I feel like I've been buzzing all over the
place. Waiting...just waiting. And for what? Maybe someone like
you to come along, and sweet me off my feet. Could life just
try and be a happily ever after for once. Just this once?
What do you think, could you?

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