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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Well.. Well.. Well..

Oh how I love fall, it's finally here.
And we all know what that means!
te he.

Crunching of leaves under my feet.
Oh how I love that sound.
Lets go for a walk.

I like looking up at the trees,
searching for every color,
making sure each and every tree is changing.
But sometimes there's that one tree, thats
a late bloomer. It's always my favorite.
The one last GREEN tree.
So beautiful, by it's lonesome.
Sticking out from all the rest.
Daring to be different.

Oh pants and sweatshirts how I've missed you.
Scarfs,hats and gloves too. But one thing I've
missed so much and I didn't realize I missed
it so much until I went to class.
I missed ballet so much. I never realized how
much I missed it until I started dancing again.
I love ballet class, everyone dancing all
syncronized together. It's so beautiful.

Take time to notice the beauty in life.
It'll do the heart good.
I know this because it sure
does mine some good.

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