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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Dear 2010,

you were a wonderful year. And you taught me
many many many different things. Things that
I will take with me into the new year. And
things that I will never ever forget.

I would like to say goodbye to you. And
thank you for being such a glorious,
lively, and inspiring year. But mostly
I would like to thank you for a year filled
with learning and generosity. You could have
been much worse.

Just a few things I've come to find this past year:
(A short list)

•I sometimes let people walk all over me.
(this i am working on)

•There will always be someone who loves you for you.

•People will not change for you, and you have to live
with the fact that they will always be how they intend.

•I'm finally pursuing my dream. Well one. It really is
coming true.

•Boys will be boys, and if someone dosn't make you a
priority, then all you will ever be is a option.

•Never ever lend money to anyone, for any reason. EVER.

•I am currently in the process of figuring where I want
to go in life, and what exactly I'm looking for.

•And lastly,
anyone is able to catch my eye, but its really going to
take someone special to catch my heart.

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