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Sunday, December 12, 2010

It's begining to look alot like Christmas;

Today was such a good day. Actually this weekend has been wonderful. I worked, and in the evenings I went out with friends. Suchhhh a blast. :) And today I did a shoot. So it was freaking awesome. But today was the best by far. My family and I went to go pick out a christmas tree!

Picking out the tree is the best. I hate fake trees.. who does that? To really get into christmas you must get a christmas tree, this tree cannot be fake. It must be REAL people! What the heck! And then.. when you bring it into your house. The whole house smells of a christmas tree. I love that smell. ♥

So we finally found our christmas tree after arguing for like an hour about where we should go look for one along with which tree we should pick. But we found one. The ONE. hehe. and so it came home with us. But as we were driving we saw this hawk! It was so pretty, sitting on top of a different christmas tree. So I got some really good pictures of it.

So so so happy. ♥ I love the holidays. Especially the hippo song. it makes my day. Liiiike no other. But anyways! The tree is in the house! It has it's pretty lights on it. The inside of the house is decorated. Andd no all thats left is to put ordinmints on the tree and lights on the house! Must be done! It must, it must!

So the end of my day ended quite well with a shoot with Nick! and my make was done by Rheanna. :) heres a peek,

* Let it snow! *

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