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Saturday, December 25, 2010


Sometimes I feel like luck plays a big part
in everyone's lives. But sometimes I feel like
it could just be fate. Like a series of events led
up to the main event, whether it was good or bad.

Sometimes I wonder how you have good luck or bad
luck. And why exactly it happens. Do you think
that if you've been doing things that are positive
you have good luck, and if your doing things that
are poor you have bad luck. Or is it just our
decisions we make in life that bring bad luck or
good luck upon us.

I feel like the decisions we make in life bring
on bad and good luck, and whether the ending
result is positive or negative it all depends..
Like what if you could have done something just
a little different to where it could have changed
the entire result and that result ended for the best
instead of the worst.

If only common sense were used, and people thought
through the situations before they just acted upon
impulse. In every situation I try my very best not
to act on impulse. Because normally when I do the
result is bad luck. Or maybe not just bad luck but
a poor decision on my behalf.

So maybe there is no good luck or bad luck. And you
must go through life deciding what is best for you,
in the situation your in, and try not to just act
on an impulse. Whatever your doing, do it for you.
Not someone else.

Just for you.

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