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Monday, December 6, 2010

Oh today;

was a fairly good day. :)
I had a funny series of events!
Actually just one in particular.
It made me laugh. I giggled possibly
the whole entire end of my shift.

The other series of events was nice, and
it made my day go by faster. It was the
fact that our shoe department was just ransaked
with people shopping for the holiday.

Busy busy busy bee, that's what I was.
On the other hand, I got way to many compliments
today. But it was nice, it made me smile.
Compliments on my hair mostly. And that ballet dancers
are beautiful, and then that I was nice. I like
compliments. Their quite nice.

Okay so to my story! haha.
try not to laugh to much... ;)

So my co worker kayla and I end up together closing
the shoe department, I got off a little earlier than
she did, but of course as were trying to clean up and
make everything tidy we get the average customer coming
in shopping late after the rush, which is exactly the way I
would do it too. But these three hispanic women came in
to exchange a coat and slippers, and of course they speak
spanish in front of me. So of course I have NO IDEA whatsoever
on what their talking about.. Then as I'm exchanging their
merchandise, one of the woman asks "how old are you?" and I
reply twenty. The conversation ended and I was just about done
with the transaction, but inquiring minds must know. So I asked
why she wanted to know my age.. and she replys "Oh my son.. well
hes around your age and we'd like to find him someone like you".
WOW. hahaha.. So I was kind of like uhm okay, I see. and that's when
it got a tad bit akward. I was a little astonished.. not going to lie.
But then she goes into telling me how he has fair skin and dark brown
hair and blue eyes like I do. They thought it was really un-natural to
find someone that had blue eyes and natural brown hair. I thought it
was freaking halarious how they were trying to pimp out their son to me.

what. a. day.

Hopefully yours was wonderful and you recieved some compliments. :)
If not thannnn here it goes;

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