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Monday, January 31, 2011


I've been so so so busy lately. With work and school!
I have wonderful news! I got a promotion. Well I guess you could call it that! hehe. Instead of ringing shoes I get to sell shoes! Yay! And I'm making comission now too. I'm pretty excited. hehe. Today was my first day in action! And I did good! Met my wittle sales goal and everything. hehe.

Besides that I had an awesome weekend, I love Kelly! She's one of my favorite people to hangout with. We always have way to much fun together. Oh and I got to catch up with a few other girlies as well. Which was quite nice. :)

So all and all I had a fairly good weekend. I mean there were some other evens which obviously made my weekend eventful. But where would I be without them.

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