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Wednesday, January 12, 2011


want to move, want to leave, want to just get away.
Who's with meeee!

I'm so entirely tired of Eugene.
I'm not going to lie.
I really want to move. Like really bad.
I just wish I had an endless fund of money.
That was neverending.

I want to go now. and get away.
But where to? who knows really..
I'd like to point my finger on a map and say
hey, yeah I'm going there. That's the place.

Wouldn't it be grand. Ohhh yes yes it would!
Luckily I'm going to the mountain tomorrow.
So that's as close as I get. as to getting away.

Where would you like to escape to?

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Anonymous said...

I know how you feel. Well, let me rephrase that, at one point in my life I knew how you currently feel. I was sick of living in Salem, sick of my current situation.

But girlie, the truth is that only you can change things. If you want to travel, maybe figure out where you want to move. Look into internships, or scholarships to schools out of state. Look into websites that let you make friends and travel and that you have places to stay. (There is a website that has a network of places, I think it's couch surfing or something like that, if you're really interested I'll find out for you).

I love not living really close to my family, and sometimes I hate it just as much. But it teaches you to be independent. You have to make a name for yourself because you won't be known as so-and-so's daughter/granddaughter/niece. You get to decide how people perceive you, how you want to live your life.

But ultimately, it's all up to you to make it happen.


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