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Friday, July 23, 2010

Lake day.

I love love love the people I work with. Their all so awesome. We had such a fun day at Fall Creek, Katie drove with me. She's bomb. Haha. We had a jam sesh in my car and it was awesomeeee. When we finally got to Fall Creek, we realized that it had been drained some.. which really sucked. Haha. So we tried getting closer to the water but it was all gross and muddy..haha. And Holly got a sweet mud tanline. ;) After that fun excursion we decided we would head to Dexter, we all put our feet in the water and it was FAreeeeeeezing!

So we had a little picnic and had yummy bean dip that Kayla made! Along with Holly's amazing pasta. I need the recipe for that! :)

Such a good day yesterday. ♥

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