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Sunday, July 11, 2010


Goodness today was long, this whole weekend has been long actually. I'm happy to be off work, and not work until thursday. :) Which is a good thing, I've been buying way to many shoes lately. Sorta ridiculous... I bought a pair of coach shoes, and then I found another pair. So I need to decide between the two, but I'm pretty sure I know which ones I want more. :) haha. Their absolutely adorable, anddd they were on sale. Which is always awesomeeee! Pretty much getting one pair for $15.00 originally $88.00. Yeah I know, I rock. ;) haha.

Tomorrow I plan on heading up to Bend, I can't wait to get out of Eugene for a little while. It's been a frustrating area lately. I just don't understand people sometimes... So anyways I just can't wait to just float the river and be swept away, and soak up the sunshine. Kelli and I are going to drive up, I'm making a bank play list. haha. :) It should be funn! I'm actually getting a little excited. hehe.

We have a new girl at work, she's so adorable! Her name is Marce, and I'm real sad that Katie is in petites, but you know it's for her own good. So I'm happy for her, but she really did grow on me. We've had some pretty good times hehe. I love the people I work with. Their all so awesome. ♥

If it's one thing I've learned lately it's to:

That's exactly how I am. I am nothing but truthful.
and I hope you are too.

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