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Tuesday, May 25, 2010


It was such a wonderful escape from here. I just loved getting away, and going on an adventure to somewhere I havn't been in a while, or just new places in general. The sunshine was my favorite. I love the sun, and oh how I missed it. The rain here in Oregon is just so depressing at times, it was so nice to get away from it. It made me so happy to just relax in the sand, and float in the water, letting all my cares fly out the window. I had so many great experiences. I love my family and seeing them was one of my greatest birthday presents, besides being in Maui again.

As I was lying in the water, listening to the ocean.
I felt at peace. Lying in the sun basking away, in the heat. It was so nice to just cool down and float away for a bit. I fell in love. I wish summer here would come sooner, I miss the sun already, and now that I'm home I can barely tolerate the pouring rain. It's just killing me.

Where are you summer?
Will you come soon?

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