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Friday, May 14, 2010


Yayyy! I'm goin on vacation, I'm goin on vacation.
:) I'm so excited right now it's a little ridiculous.
I mean I've only gotten like one hour of sleep but
still, it's okay I'll just sleep on the plane hehe.
I'm sitting in the airport right now, and let me
tell you, it's a tad bit boring. I'm happy my
mom is here with me. :)

We had breakfest at a little place in the
Portland airport called Roses. I really
didn't care where we ate I was just hungry.
I was totally please with the food. But the
best part was that it's my middle name and
favorite flower, just plain cute. ♥

I'm just so excited, eeek! It's going
to be a blasst. I love adventures.

Sun sun sun!

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