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Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I don't think I've ever been more close to girls in my life than this point right now. I mean normally I don't get along with any, except my best friend. But right now it's just freaking awesome. I love our little group it's absolutely fantastic. Along with my other few girlys. :) I just love having girls nights and going out to dinner, and being the center of attention anywhere we go. Because were all absolutley adorable, and beautiful in every single way ever imagined. I love you all ♥ You've just completed me more than ever in a time in my life where it's been a little rough. But it's getting better. I felt my road in life was going down hill really, and then I had the most wonderful people step into my life, and I'm so entirely greatful. So now my little road is flat, and going up steadily. It's not rocky anymore either ;) I think I'll just travel on down it for a while. ♥

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