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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I need

to get out of here.

I know I just went on vacation, but I feel like I need a super big change in my life. It's really weird. I love change, I love traveling. I need something new it feels like. I just don't know what I want though. It's super tough to pinpoint it. I feel like moving away, like to another state. I don't know, another country would be bomb too. But I know this would never happen, I wish it would though... I want change.

On the smaller scale, if the weather would change that would be great. If only there was some sunshine. I feel like swimming, basking in the sunshine, and having a picnic. All three of those sound so good right now. It's a little ridiculous. haha.

If only, if only.

Take me away?
Yes and Please.

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