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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I'm not just any girl.

To the boy that's going to catch me:

I'm not just any girl, I hope you know this. I have high standards. I keep my heart locked up so tight, it's going to be pretty tough to break the vault. You can't just catch me, you have to tame me too.

And to the boy who thinks he's caught me, you didn't, sorry I just slipped away. You don't appeal to me what so ever. I think you better pass on me, I mean we can still be friends. But really, I hope you don't think you have everything in the bag. Everything meaning me, and if you do, well you don't. Who ever told you we were going to work out was false. You've got alot of fences to jump til you reach my house. I don't know what you were thinking but my head is somewhere else and my heart is not on my sleeve. I don't just fall that easily for someone. I laugh at the thought of you thinking you have control of this situation. I'm not easy, and I refuse to play a game. Oh boy, I don't even know you. I think it's funny that you think you can play me. We'll just see how that goes. I hope you have fun losing. Your just like every other guy.

Hopefully one day you'll realize that, and stop telling yourself your not. You won't change. Your ego is just to big for you.

My word of advice to you is good luck.

I'm not just any girl.

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