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Saturday, June 26, 2010

To the Jungle I went..

Ahh last weekend was so so so much fun. :) I'm pretty sure I was dancing like 95% of the time. Which I never ever, I mean never ever do. lol. Here are a few pictures:

Yes I know, we rock. ;) hehe. I just love them.

On another note, I've been working so freaking much lately, it's a little ridiculous... I mean I really like making money and all, but I'm just so happy I have this week off. I wanted to go up to bend to see a few friends, but I kind of want to stay in the Eug. I'm thinking I'll go up maybe not this week coming up but the one after it. I really want to go up there, but I'm not sure if I trust my jeep. andddd I really really really want to go camping. Like baddd. I wish I could get everyone together and us just go camping for the week. That'd be soooo fun. :)

So I'm not sure what to do today, I'm going to help my mom with a few things, then most likely enjoy the sunshine and tan and read my book. :) Sounds pretty good right now.

Jeez there are just so many things I want to do lately, and it's kind of fusterating not being able to do them all because of work. Here's the list:

1. Go camping
2. Go to Bend
3. Go to Portland
4. Go to the Coast
5. Have a girls day
6. Go see Toy Story 3
7. Paint
8. Play Soccer
9. Do a little ballet
10. Go boating
11. Go swimming day/ night
12. Spend time with my parents

I want to do all those things realll bad, but it stinks I can't get them accomplished. I'm sure I will sooner or later though. It's just going to take some time. :)

and I have plenty of that.

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