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Monday, June 7, 2010

Where has my brain been lately?

Okay so lately, I have no idea where my brain has been. It's absolutley ridiculous. First lets start with ballet. My open show is always on a tuesday or wednesday at 3:00. Okay so this term they switched it to friday. And I payed no attention to the time because I could have sworn it was at 2:00. Anyways.. I now have to tell my work I need friday off. So tuesday I go in to find someone to fill my shift. No one can... oh great. But luckily my manager is amazing. and it was okay. So now that that's done and over with, it's finally friday, and open show starts at 3:00 right? Wrong.. no it dosn't. It starts at 2:00. Well lucky me I left early and got there and changed. So it's our turn to dance, we start dancing, and I think why are all these people here. It's only a practice rehersal right? WRONG. Again.. It wasn't it was the real thing, and I danced through the entire show thinking it was a practice rehersal. I have no idea where my brain has been lately. Not only that, but last night I got all my stuff ready for a shoot today, I set my alarm time, but didn't set my alarm. Ughhh I'm so disappointed with myself lately it's a little ridiculous. I don't understand where this nonsense is coming from, maybe my brain is just on overload. I have no idea. But I'm ready to be back to the old Christina again, the one who knows what's going on, when something is going on. I'm finally done with school though, my overload is now turned off, so that will hopefully help. Now all I'm going to focus on is work, modeling, and having a good summer. Right? Right! ♥

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