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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I wish,

I wish alot, I have such wishful thinking.
And sometimes it gets the best of me.
Actually, it gets the best of me all the time.

I know I should probably stop wishing things
would happen, things would change, things
would fix themselves, people would grow up,
people would love me for me.

But really, their not. It'll never happen.
Because, its just life. And my wishes,
they never really come true.

And you never really reach 100%
of what you want in life.
It's always 80 or 90, never 100
though. But I guess that 80 or 90
is better than nothing.

And I should be greatful for what
I have in life, but sometimes I wish
I could get that extra 10%, and
people would go that extra mile,
and my wishes would come true.

But there I go wishing again...

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