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Monday, November 1, 2010

A rose,

So right now I'm sitting at my kitchen table.
Writing this blogpost. And so I decide to look out the
window. It's cold looking, dull, overcast, theres alot
of green, and the leaves are starting to fall from the trees.
The wind is blowing but if I look far, farther away from me
I see mountains of blue meeting with the white and grey sky
almost blending in. But as I look closer to me, not as far away
as the sky or the mountains. I see a rose. Not quite in bloom,
but about to be, soon. A beautiful red rose. Those are my favorite.
And it sticks out, especially in a backgroud full of green.
It's different.

But I like different.

Mostly, I just cannot believe that it's about to bloom in almost
what I call winter time. I mean it is still fall, but it's mostly
winter, it's so cold. All the other roses bloomed long ago, their
dead looking stems withering away.
I like that red rose.

It dares to be different.

picture taken by: me.

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Anonymous said...

YOU TOOK THIS? its beautiful.

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