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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Winter Wonderland.

This morning was wonderful.
I awoke to a powder covering everything.
The trees, my porch, the ground, shrubs, my car.
It made me smile.

I love the snow. I'm in love with winter.
It makes me so happy. The beauty of the snow
covering and defining each and every obstacle
in it's way from letting it touch the ground.

It's beautiful. Truly beautiful.
The sky made up of grey and blue.
While the sun is shining through.I bundled up today in my blankies.
Sipping on cider, eating soup, and
watching movies.

I deffinetly cannot wait to build a
snowman though, have a snowball fight and
deffinetly snowboard.

I love sweaters, jackets, pants, mittens,
hats and beanies, scarfs, leg warmers, boots,
and deffinetly the good ol snowboarding gear.

Hopefully everyone had a fun day in their
winter wonderland.

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