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Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Alright soooo, today was good. Unitl it became more towards the evening.
Ugh tonight was rough. Don't ask me why...but it was. :/
and it sucks right now. :/
Ugh just make these stupid feelings go away. That'd be great. Kthanks.

I just need to keep busy some more and get my mind off it all.
Luckily I have have work tomorrow. :)


School was good. I like all my classes. :)
Speech is... interesting. The teacher is a little hardcore. haha.
but that's okay, I'll learn more that way. :)

I really want to just pack up and move away from here.
Start somewhere new, meet new people. I don't know.
I'm just dreaming of course. If only I had enough money.. I totally would.

I'd move somewhere else, maybe tropical.. meet a cute cabana boy.
You know..
Or my life long dream. Visit Italy and have some foreign hunk sweep me away on his cute little vespa. Oh yess yess yess. That sounds soo good right about now. I wish I could go there sooo bad. I'd totally live there too. That'd make my life. haha.

Christiano Ronaldo:

YOU can be my cabana boy any day. hahahahaha. Seriously.
God he is so hott. Like if he were standing in front of me right now, my eyes would probably be burning. ;) anddd he plays soccer. whew.

Break me off a piece of that. ;)

Ugh just anything to get out of here. I'll be sending an S.O.S.
except you'll just be saving one soul. So it should say something like S.M.S. Save my soul. Hahahaha... oh puuuhhhlease. Do dreams ever really come true.

mmm nope. not in my reality. but we'll see I guess.
Every cloud does have a silver lining. ;)

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