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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Oh you...

Oh I miss him, I always miss him. :) haha.

I just wish he were here to snuggle with. I miss that. I feel like it's been a lifetime. I wish people could teleport. That'd make my entire life. :)

I'm smiling just thinking about him.
I get butterflies just thinking about time we've spent together. ♥
it's ridiculous...

but I love it.


So! I'm super doooper excited to give him his birthday pressie. I really hope he likes it. :) But some boy told me that a guy could get a kiss for his birthday and love it. I don't know if I agree with that, but sometimes the littlest things actually mean the most.. :) Which is entirely cute and all, but I want to do something fun too hehe. I can't wait to tell him, it's so tough to keep my mouth closed. I've been really thinking about what to do and I've had so many ideas, but the one I picked, I think, will be the funnest and I'll really enjoy it too. :) I mean I've never gotten a chance to before so it should be fun for the both of us. Not to give any hints or anything ;) Haha. But seriously.. I cannot believe that he's going to be twenty one. It seems like life has just flown by, I mean I'll be twenty in may but still. I just find it super crazzzzy. I'm a little worried.

I really do....

It's a problem. I should probably stop while I'm ahead. But there are just all these things just floating around in my little head. It's really no good at all. But I feel like I should stop looking for the worst in things, I find myself doing that alot lately, I have absolutely no idea why either.

But I need to just clear my head and start all fresh and squeaky clean. and not worry about stuff so much.. I feel like I'm turning into my dad lately, he seems to always find the negative and not even look at the possibility of the positive. So starting this moment I'm going to seek out the things that are positive and make ME smiiiiileee.

your beyond amazing. ♥

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