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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Turning the page

Well I guess it's time to close a chapter in my life and start a new one. :) That's always fun, I don't mind it. It happens, life goes on, and you can only benefit from the things that happened.

Who knows maybe things will change.
and if they do, it'll be for the best. :)

I mean I want to stay with you, but being on a break? Either you want to be together or you don't there is no inbetween.
It's like:




When you ask a question like that it's a yes or no answer. There is no maybe in life, you eiether do or don't.

I know you don't know.........

but hopefully you'll figure it out soon.

I don't feel like giving you time, it's all you've gotten lately.
Do you really think you need time, or is it just to make you feel better
about breaking up with me. I wish you'd tell me more so I can just move on
or stick around. It's hard waiting. I don't know if giving you time will
set things right, but I hope it does. I really do. You mean so much to me.

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