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Tuesday, March 16, 2010


So lately I've been feeling a little excluded. Not only from other peoples plans, but from life. I don't know what it is that's putting me in this mood. But it's been carrying on for quite sometime. I feel like it just may be winter again creeping into my head and deciding to start to snow. But I am really looking forward to spring and summer.


I feel like I just need out of my box I've been in, but I can't seem to get out. I need sunshine and light, I've been cooped up in the dark for way more than I'd like.

I feel like....

1. Going on a bikeride.

2. Going for a hike.

3. Playing soccer.

4. Basking in the sunshine like a flower.


5. Having a picnic.

6. Going swimming.


7. A camping adventure.

8. Blowing bubbles.


9. A beach trip.

beach Pictures, Images and Photos

and lastly...

10. A vacation, with this cute boy. ♥


Oh it all sounds so much fun right about now.
:) I cannot wait to see what summer brings. I mean I can't wait for spring either. But still.. ;)

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