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Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Tonight I found pure joy in just being with friends.
Spending time with them, and knowing I have friends that are there for me. I love that, and I love them. ♥
Thank you to everyone lately. You don't know how much you all mean to me. :) Tonight was sooo much fun. I did good bowling for once. Haha. :) But having good company around me was what brought happiness into my life tonight. Little get togethers like these really mean alot. :)

I can't wait for new classes tomorrow! Hopefully they won't be tooooo boring. Or I won't be the young girl in the back of the class while all the older people talk amoung themselves about old people things.. and how things use to be like one of my last classes haha. Yeah that was no fun. :) But at least I had a cool older gentleman sitting next to me. We did work in that class.

Guess what!!!!

I cannot wait for ballet to start. :) So excited right now. I don't know if I'll be able to sleep! hehe. I can't wait I just can't wait to dance again. I missed ballet even though it's only been like 2 weeks or so.

Ballet is ♥
and it makes me :D
likeee all the time.

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I like to hear this : )

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