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Sunday, March 14, 2010


So I've just been totally stressed lately..

Finals are here, and I've been scrambling to shove everything in my head lately. I'm soooo happy I have two down and only two more to go. Which are hopefully fairly easy. I feel like winter term has flown by, now were just on to spring. It's nice though and I'm happy for it. I cannot wait til spring term if finally over though and I'm finally on to summer. I love summer especially right now. I want it to come sooo bad. All I want todo this summer is have fun and work. Hopefully I'll get what I want. :) I like when that happens.

on a lighter note!

My mom's birthday is coming up and I cannot wait to celebrate it with her. I think we're going to the coast, and spending some time in Lincoln City, maybe do some shopping! Yeee! :) I love spending time with my family they mean the world to me.

I wish my wonderful boyfriend would come, but I'm sure he'll have other plans of course. I really would love for him to spend more time with my family. That'd make me really happy.


hehe. ♥

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