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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Oh Gosh Golly Gee Wizz.

So I use to feel a little broken up,
but as of right now, I'm pretty happy.
I mean there's no doubt in my mind that
I have some feelings and what not. But
you know.. there fading away. It's
kind of sad though. You know, how life
just moves on with out pausing to gather
up any pieces. No pausing for anyone
to catch up to what's happened. You
just have to be strong, brave, have hope
and move on with your life.

"Everything will be okay in the end,
if it's not okay, then it's not the end."

And guess what.. it's not the end.
I've got a lotttt of life to live.
Moving forward. It's what I've been doing.
It's lifeee.

Today was just fantastic. :)

The clock struck 3 and after that
I was all smiles. My day was made
and I loved it, it was just great.
I'm so so so happy right now. I got
the best text I've gotten in a while
and I'm so happy, I couldn't stop
smiling all day. :) Eeeek, I'm
still excited. haha. I just can't wait
til everything blends back to normal.
Oh did I say I was excited? Oh because
I am. ;)

I bought a new swimsuit, and a shirt.
Perfect for summer, and my vacation
that I just can't wait to go on.

I'm a little impatient right now,
I'm not going to lie. I want all this
stuff to happen so quickly. But I need
to slow down a bit. I've just been on
the go go go. Keeping myself busy, I
love that. ♥ It's really nice.
I love my life right now and where
it's taking me. And I'm fine with
it's imperfections it's had lately.

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