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Sunday, April 11, 2010


Yesterday was really rough. I couldn't believe this lady that came into the shoe department. She was the grumpyist thing alive. I was having such a good day until she was rude. I swear, she just popped my bubble. I exploded too.. into a few tears. It wasn't nice of her. and all I was being was nice. Some people. I swear.
She wanted to buy these shoes, but since Macy's is having a sale we can't accept the coupons the people get in the mail if your a card holder, and I was just about to tell her why she couldn't use the 20% off coupon she had, but she said no walked away and started talking to her husband in Russian. Freaking people from other countries I swear, If your going to be rude, just leave. KTHANKS. I don't need to put up with you. I didn't even get to tell her she was going to save 15% she just started going off in her other language and walking away. She didn't even wait. Just a huge no and walked away.. God. SO RUDE. Next time I see her, and I'm not working. Shes freaking getting a piece of my mind. Beezy fo Sheeeezy. lol. Anyways. I just felt like expressing my dissatisfaction of rude foreign people who shop at macy's. :)

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