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Thursday, April 1, 2010


This really bugged me today, so I feel like sharing it with you.

Seriously, guys are ridiculous..

I'm driving, like 65.
I get cut off.
But these stupid guys in a white truck.
Yeah they think their all big and bad
since they have a huge truck. and I'm
in my little car. Pft. They need a reality
check. You know what they say about guys
and big trucks... haha. I would have so
told them whats up if they were going to
lane this morning. Lucky for them they had
gotten off at a different exit.
People that cut other people off only
deserve the finger. Did you really get that much
farther by cutting me off. Really, really now.
Lets rematch on tuesday. What do you say?

I just don't understand people sometimes...

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