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Saturday, April 17, 2010


Yayyy it's saturday,
I remember when I was little I'd always wake up
and watch cartoons in the morning. It was bomb.
I'd eat my cinnimon toast crunch and just be a kid.

Oh those were the days.

Ugh I start work at 8:45, no thank you.
and my manager changed the time I'm getting
of to 5:45.. cool. Thanks. So much for the
saturday market. I was really looking forward
to a short day at work and a fun rest of the day.
But no. Atleast I got a cute pair of shoes yesterday.

Maybe something else will make my day..
I feel a little blah, this morning.
All I want to do is sleep.
I wish someone would cheer me up.
I think I may need some of that.
Thanks to whoever makes my day.

I don't want to carpe diem.
I rather do it in bed.
haha. ♥

Hope everyone has a lovley saturday. :)

pee.ess. I need a fun night tonight.
Hopefully I won't be too tired after work.

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